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Monday, December 31, 2018

That's a wrap for 2018!

This year has truly flown by. It's been a roller coaster year to say the least for our little family. With this being the last day of 2018, it is hard to fathom it's gone already. Did we do all we could to spread cheer, laughter and God's word? Were we there for our elders, our neighbors, our family? We always question if we did enough. We always profess the next year we will strive to do more. Do we follow through with our promises? I say all this because these things should be the focus of the follow through for your future. Focus on what is important to God and the rest will all fall in place just like a puzzle. Don't let the distractions in life cause you to get off point and lose focus of your end goal in life. Make memories to last a lifetime, share your memories with those you love. Don't be standing there on the last day of the year and wonder where those days went. Take your life by the horns and live it with fire, passion and a love for your Almighty God.

We've been trying to do that for almost two years now. I've been away from my job since August 2017 with the final result of a 4-level cervical fusion in May and recovery this year. It has been rough for me to slow down so that I can heal properly, but with patience and my sweet, loving family picking up where I left off, I'm making head way. Physical therapy is starting to show signs of progress which gives me hope. I'm ready to pick up where I left off, incorporate some passion for what I love, light a fire underneath me (motivation) and put God in my line of sight and let him lead me where I'm supposed to go. AMEN. It's time I put me first and live my life like I mean it! I'm encouraged daily to step out of my comfort zone and live life instead of watch it go by while I'm standing on the sidelines. That's my goal for 2019! What's yours?

My husband ran for and was elected Sheriff of our county and will take office in the morning. Just the organization, preparation and stress of all the negativity and lies that were spread on social media was enough to drive us (mainly me) crazy. Actually holding the office should make for a much interesting next four years for us. I know he will do a great job because he is fair, open-minded, honest, very level-headed and has his faith in God as his number one rule to live by. He has had many mentors along his 25+ year law enforcement journey that have taken him under their wing and shaped him into the very knowledgeable and humble person he is today. I encourage each of you to keep him and the family in your thoughts and prayers as he does his best to protect and serve the county he grew up in and loves dearly.

And last but not least, our baby of the family turned sixteen and has been keeping the county roads on fire ever since he got his truck. He's been the second of two joys I brought into this world and I wouldn't trade him for the world. He tries my patience while batting his eyes and pouting his lips (he's a clown), pushes my buttons, expands what "gray area" there is between matters that are black and white, but he's mine and I love him unconditionally. He is respectful of his elders, thanks every military person he notices for their past or current service and encourages those around him to do good deeds and be positive. God blessed us with this little heathern and we will love and nurture him, teach him and watch him grow. Or, we will kick him out and he will learn on his own. (Just kidding) It seems time is spinning out of control and he is getting closer and closer to graduation and I can't slow it down. He has my heart and we want the best life can offer him. Everyone wants only the best for their child. He's a good-hearted, respectful young man and I am blessed to call him my son.

So, now that you are facing the end of another year and looking at the fresh start of a new one, what is your focus? What is/are your goal(s)? Take the steps to think about it, write it down so that you're holding yourself accountable, and make it happen! We are looking forward to sharing new things to come here at Porch Swings & Sweet Tea so have a seat in a swing, have a sweet tea and stay tuned.

As always, thank you for taking time to stop by our blog and Happy New Year!

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