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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Fall colors, Halloween rain, and a Cold start to November

Halloween went by with a torrential rain and cold temps. Today is much the same, but it is a new month. I'm ready for pumpkin overload, turkey everything and the wonderful sound of kids laughing and playing here for Thanksgiving. While the cold frigid weather outside isn't much for porch swing sitting, I can still sip on some sweet tea inside where it is warm. I'm sad that my favorite place outside our home is now getting packed away for the winter season, but my favorite spot inside is comfy, cozy and oh-so warm and inviting. Our den, a.k.a. the husband's man cave, has the look of an outdoors hunting lodge. But, of course, it is scaled down to one room. The walls and ceiling are a warm wood tone and the dark slate floors offset the walls so well. Below is a picture of our den before we replaced the flooring during the remodel. You can kind of get an idea of the tone and feel the walls project. With the furniture added into the room it's even more inviting.
See the warm glow of the walls. These walls mesmerize me. I absolutely LOVE them. Once the room is finished, pictures will be posted here and on my Facebook page. So, stay tuned for updated pictures. If you love the "outdoors-lodge" theme, you'll love how this turned out.
     Meanwhile, I would love to share some colorful fall photos taken on a hike my husband and I enjoyed last weekend. Weather forecasters were warning us that our current cold snap was on its way, so we jumped on the chance to get out and explore this outside panorama of color.

These pictures are just a small portion of what I call my outdoors home. I love where we live and am blessed to have this beauty close by. Rain or shine, these hills never disappoint with their display of beauty. No matter the season, it is always breathtakingly spectacular. Until my next adventure.....stay tuned!

As always, thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by my blog. Have a blessed day!

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